Ideas for this week: Calving preparation

For those of you that are not quite ready yet it might be an idea to have a look at the calving situation on your farm.

Are the calving facilities cleaned, disinfected and ready for action?

Most vets agree that the first few calves through the calving facilities every year get the easiest time of it. As the calving season runs on the build up of disease really takes of in the bedding and the facilities in general leading to difficulties with the later animals through the system.

The best way to avoid this is to plan ahead to keep the bedding cleaned out and replaced as often as practical. Also to keep the calving jack, ropes and buckets as clean as if you were bringing them into the kitchen every night.

A good supply of gloves, aprons and disinfectant should be ready now so there is not a big panic on the first calving.

Remember a healthy calf is your ticket to healthy high performing profitability whereas a weak, sick calf will take a large amount of time and money to get right.

We hope that you have plenty of healthy calves and please consider us for your calf nutrition needs with our range of Calf Feeds available as both Rations and Nut form that are specially formulated to be high in protein and to aid rumen development and digestibility. Please feel free to use our 30 years of experience in Calf nutrition.

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