Animal Feed & Products

Here at John O’Connell Crecora Mills we have the ability to manufacture a wide range of products for the animal industry. We make quality feeds for Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Calves, Weanlings, Heifers, Lambs, Ewes and Horses.
Our products generally come in the form of Coarse Ration or Blends as some call them, or in Pellet (nut) form.
We deliver our Animal Feed to all parts of Munster and the Mid west such as Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary, Cork, Clare and Galway.
Coarse Ration is a mix of various ingredients as they come in from the suppliers.
IMG_4866The Barley and Maize in these rations must be processed separately to aid digestion so we Roll our Barley by flattening it and we grind our Maize in a machine called a grinder to ensure that it is fully digestible to the animals.
IMG_0708[1]Pellets are made essentially of coarse ration that is firstly ground to fine particles, mixed with a little steam and molasses and pushed through a machine called a press to produce 6mm pellets. Producing quality pellets is somewhat of a specialty as different raw materials do not always gel together. Ironically some of the best products such as Maize are the hardest to get a good dust free pellet from. Using our expertise and by trialling different ways of processing these ingredients and by using the latest pelleting technology we have successfully managed to press high levels of Maize (40 to 50%) with very good results. The Mill in Castlemahon is one of the most modern milling facilities in the country today. It was designed on a green field site and only the best of equipment was installed into it. As always we are constantly striving to remain at the forefront of what is possible with current processing technology.
All our products are made with the best of ingredients and undergo a rigorous testing and sampling procedure.

We also stock a large range of farm supplies in our Agristores. For more information, please click the relevant link below: