Seasonal Specials

With the current Fodder Crisis we have developed a few products to help our customers to maximize the potential of their Fodder and to help them to stretch their Fodder over the Winter without leading to malnourished animals.

Fodder Stretch

Fodder Stretch is designed for farmers who have good silage but not enough of it. By feeding 1 kg of Fodder Stretch it will replace 5 to 6 kilos of silage.

This is available in coarse ration form in bags and in bulk and comprises Soya Hulls, Beetpulp, Palm, Rapeseed, Molasses and Minerals.

Benefits of feeding Fodder Stretch

  • It is a consistent feed unlike Baled Silage.
  • It can be ordered as needed so no storage issues.
  • It can be delivered to your premises so no messing around with trailers drawing silage in the dark.
  • It can be paid for as you buy it helping cash flow over buying a couple of months worth of dubious quality expensive silage and having to pay for it immediately.
  • It contains minerals to help in Animal nutrition and health.


Silage Enhancer

Silage Enhancer is a product we designed to bring up the protein level in a diet where the silage is of low Dry Matter Digestibility (DMD).

With over 50% of Silage that was sent for analysis last year being low DMD silage there will be a huge shortfall in the energy requirements of both Dairy and Beef Cattle.

To combat this we have designed Silage Enhancer to be high in digestible protein while still being good value.

It contains Barley, Soya Hulls, Rapeseed, Distillers Palm and Soya. At 19% protein it is a good value source of protein to bring up the quality of stemmy low DMD silage.

Benefits of feeding Silage Enhancer.

  • Good value source of protein.
  • Consistent feed throughout the winter. No worries with variable quality baled silage.
  • Balanced Ration which provides plenty of protein and energy to cattle on poor silage.
  • Good source of Minerals for Animal health and nutrition.
  • Can save you money by being able to use silage that is not as high quality as you would like.
  • Can be bought as needed so no worries about trying to store and care for Baled silage.
  • Can help Cash flow by only having to pay for smaller regular lots instead of large quantities of silage.


Our commitment to our customers

We are also available to help any of our customers in terms of Diet formulation, Animal Health questions or just a consultation on how we can help our customer’s profits. We don’t believe in just selling feed for selling sake but rather looking after our customers bottom line profit so our customers will stay with us in the future. This philosophy has grown our business from a farm based operation in 1986 supplying our local farmers to running three successful sites in Crecora, Castlemahon and Listowel while still being able to treat our customers on a one to one basis. We are here to help.

Keep an eye on for regular updates on Animal Nutrition and advice on how to maximise your on farm profits.

Paul O’Connell