Tips to maximise Mid to late season grass growth

1 ensure a good topping policy. After grazing paddocks should be topped to remove the seed heads.

2. Measure grass on a set day every week. Looking at it from the window of the tractor is not enough it should be walked. If grass supplies are tight consider applying fertiliser to productive swards. It will be uneconomic to spread on poor swards so save the fertiliser for the better swards

3.Increase the grazing rotation. Bringing silage ground back into the grazing platform will help this as grass growth drops off.

4.Higher grass covers respond better to fertiliser in the mid to late season .

5. Use a back fence or movable wire to protect grass regrowth. The grass plant will be very slow to recover if the animals are constantly grazing the regrowth.

6. Wean calves earlier. These animals if weaned early can stocked at a higher rate as ground conditions deteriorate. This will also allow you to house cows earlier to prevent sward damage while leaving lighter animals out grazing for longer.

7. Continue to clean out paddocks as best you can. The target in early to mid season is 4-5 cm. this will increase as ground conditions deteriorate.

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