Major Mill upgrade

We have just completed a major mill upgrade at our production facility in Castlemahon.

Due to the increasing demand for our feed over the last few years we decided to take the step to further upgrade the Mill to keep us at the leading edge of safe and efficient production.

As we are big advocates of the use of Maize as a feed material we have had to install some new equipment to help increase our pellet quality for our pellet diets which can be up to 40% ground Maize. Large volumes of Maize in diets are very difficult to combine into a nice dust free pellet as Maize has very little pellet binding properties. Thankfully using our experience gained over the last few years with larger and larger volumes of Maize we have developed our Mill to help overcome this.

Thanks to our dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks in preparation for this upgrade we have also successfully installed a new control system that will further enhance our pellet quality, increase our flexibility during manufacturing along with greater energy efficiencies and enhanced traceability for our feed.

DSL systems who are a world leader in Mill control systems carried out this upgrade in conjunction with our production staff.

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