Product Improvements for Autumn 2013

With grass supplies getting scarcer by the day we have made some small improvements to our products to ensure maximum returns for our customers.

Thankfully the availability of top quality locally grown Barley has helped us to include this in our diets to provide a good wholesome energy and starch source to our customers animals.

We have also included Maize in both our Dairy 16 and Dairy 18 nuts to add some extra energy into the diets of Milking cows coming up to later stages of lactation. This should help keep protein and fat levels in the milk compostion above where they would normally be at this time of the year.

We have also added maize to the Beef 16% nut to provide some extra fermentable energy to maximise the return from grass at this time of the year.

Our Hi Maize Beef finisher and the very successful Beef elite diets have remained much the same with the addition of a little extra Maize and Rumen buffer to aid weight gain and reduce the chance of lameness and stomach upsets. The feedback from our customers using these diets and the Beef Elite especially have been very extremely positive.

Call your Crecora Mills local sales representative or the head office on 061 355186 to discuss this further.

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