Breaking News!!! New Cattle Ration


In response to the current fodder crisis and the tough economic times that we as farmer find ourselves in here at O’Connell Mills, we have developed a new low cost ration as an alternative choice for our customers who wish to feed increased levels of feed rather than buying expensive silage.


Our aim with developing this Cattle ration is to provide an alternative to buying expensive silage thereby saving our customers money.


1kg of Cattle ration should substitute 6 kgs of silage so you can stretch the silage that you have to last the spring season.


Unlike buying silage in bales, Cattle ration is a consistent high quality product that you can get delivered to your door when you want it.


There are no hidden costs with feed cattle ration such as the cost of finding, travelling to look at bales, transporting, and unloading, loading and feeding extra bales of silage.


Cattle Ration is a coarse ration containing Rolled Barley, Beet pulp, Distillers, Rapeseed, Soya Hulls, Wheat feed, Palm and minerals.


We want to see our customers save money and make money and this is one way that this can be achieved.


Call us today for a price details in bulk and bags.

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