How to join the top 1% of Irish Farmers

The Top 1% of Irish farmers


Do you want to be in the top 1% of Irish farmers?

It may amaze you to hear that only 1% of irish farmers actually sit down and plan what they would like to achieve on their farm in the year ahead. Is it any coincidence that these 1% are the most profitable farmers?


Remember that farming is a business so a good look over the accounts from 2012 will tell a lot about where you can improve the bottom line in 2013.


Now that 2012 has finally finished and we look forward into 2013 it’s a great time to carry out a review of how things went in 2012 and to plan our farming in 2013. The very best most profitable farmers sit down at this time of year for a few minutes and write down what they would like to achieve on the year ahead.


Typical aims would be:


I want my profit margin to increase by 10%.

I want to increase my milk yield per cow by 10%

I want to increase my return on my Beef animals by 10%

I want to have a pit of at least 72 dmd silage,

I want concrete the yard.

I want to drain a particular field.

I want to reseed a particular field.


If you can write down a few answers to these aims then you have a roadmap to achieve them straight away! Probably the most profitable 15 minutes of your valuable time that you will spend all year.


These plans really work in every business and farming in particular. You may not get everything done that you aim for but even if you got most of it done it would result in a great profitable year.

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