Spring Fodder update

So springtime is nearly upon us and now that Christmas is over its really time to look at what we need to feed our animals till we hope they go out on grass.


We are being hit on both sides with our fodder in that the volume is not there and also the quality is not there after the tough harvesting periods in 2012.


Silage Quality 2013

Results of analysis show that the average DMD ( Dry Matter Digestibility) of silage is a worrying 64% with over 20 % of these samples under 60DMD.

We have all heard of fellow farmers feeding poorly preserved poor quality silage to animals and the worry is that we will all be competing to buy the limited volume of silage left in the country regardless of quality.

There is a feeling of panic among many farmers short on fodder after last years disaterous weather. Indeed the country is alive with bales of questionable silage and straw being transported at very high costs to farmers short on silage. 30 euro per round bale of silage is not unheard of and there is a feeling that as the season continues this could go up to 40 or more per bale.




If we as farmers are serious about making money from our farm enterprise any purchase of such a magnitude should be very carefully considered.


A 700euro bale of silage costing 30 Euro per bale is costing you 43 euro per ton. Or 4.3 cents per kilo.

1 kilo of good guaranteed quality fodder replacement concentrate will replace 6 kilos of silage. And will cost you around 26 cents per kilo.

As this will replace 6 kilos of good silage it will cost you 4.3 cents per kilo or the same cost as buying “lucky bag” silage! From a business point of view it’s a no brainer. Especially when you factor in the cost of finding looking at, buying, hauling, unloading and handling bales of variable quality.


Do the Maths!!!!

It could save you a fortune in vet bills and loss of body condition and performance.


We can also offer straights at very competitive farmers to those with their own diet wagons and indeed have seen a big demand in these products with many customers feeding high levels of :

  • Citrus      at 6% protein
  • Palm      Kernal at 16.5%,
  • Soya      Hulls at 13%,
  • Beetpulp      at 9%
  • Wheatfeed      at12.5.


It is quite possible and economic to feed high levels of these products with silage if they are managed correctly.


We can help you.


For more advice on this call us on 061 355186.


For prices on fodder replacement products or straights such as Beetpulp, Soya Hulls, Citrus pulp, Wheatfeed, Palm Kernal call us on 061 355186.


As an alternative to buying expensive fodder that may be of little or no value to our expensive high yielding animals I would ask you to consider feeding a guaranteed quality product that can be delivered to your door by a reputable local business.

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