Fertility Booster can save you money!

Our range of Fertility booster Dairy feeds has proven to be very effective on saving our customers money. Using our practical experience and in consultation with our nutritional advisors we can offer a fertility booster mineral pack on our Dairy feeds in 2014. Those of you that experienced the positive effects of using this in previous years have proven to be the best salespeople for this great value fertility booster.

What is a fertility Booster feed?

A good quality fertility booster feed provides an opportunity to supply essential nutrients to support fertility and production of the breeding cow. Fertility booster is designed to complement grass and support the cow during the breeding season and provide these nutrients at an appropriate feeding rate.

Trace elements play a critical role in supporting production and fertility in the cow. Fertility booster, boost trace element levels in feed and ensures adequate intake’s at this critical time.

Magnesium – is involved in over 300 biochemical process in the cow many essential to metabolic and hormone function. Many farmers only feed magnesium to prevent tetany. It is not unusual to see low blood magnesium in cows during the breeding season. Use of compound fertiliser increases herbage level of potassium. This reduces magnesium level in grass and the cow ability to absorb it.


Affects conception rates, bulling behaviour


Plays a central role in regulating many hormones


Health, mastitis, cell count


Important role in energy metabolism


Silent heats


Conception, health, mastitis


Iodex– protected source of Iodine. Iodine is an important trace element at this time. It controls metabolism and hormone function. Herbage levels are typically low and it needs to be fed daily as it is not stored.

The benefits of ensuring good fertility are many,

1.Compact calving pattern

2. Less serving costs

3. Can help high yielding cows fertility problems

4. Saves carrying a blank cow around for the year. This is estimated at costing you over €1000 per cow annually.


Call us on 061 355186 for prices on our range of Dairy fertility feeds, available in both ration and pellet form at a modest cost. Please allow at least 2 working days notice when ordering  as we make these feeds specifically on demand.


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