Latest Storm Update

The latest information is that todays forecasted storm will not be as severe as Wednesdays storm Darwin. However there is a lot of rain forecast for today and tonight along with very cold temperatures leading to sleet, hail and snow in places.

Please Make sure your buildings and animals are secure and stay indoors in a safe place during any high winds.

Our mills have been hammered hard over the last few weeks with these succession of storms but while we have had to make some repairs to roofs and clearing trees from roads we have escaped far better than some of our neighbours. To all the great volunteers who have taken big risks to clear roads and passages we would like to say a huge thank you.

Our staff have been on the road since very early this morning to ensure all scheduled deliveries are completed safely. This afternoons deliveries have been scaled back today for safety sake as tipping loads in high winds is very dangerous.

If you find you are low on feed please let us know as early as possible via one of the mills phone lines 061 355186, 069 72900 or 068 40208 and we will get to you as soon as it is safe to do so.  Please be aware that phone lines are not always working during the last few days but if you call one of the other mills we will route the information to head office.

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