New DairyMax 18% nut


New this spring to John O’Connell feeds is our DairyMax 18% protein nut.


What is new about this Product?


With a scarcity of fodder in evidence all over the country and with a lot of farmers forced to feed poorer quality fodder over the last few months there has been a huge demand for a Dairy nut with a high percentage of Maize yet that still has a high percentage of digestible protein.

DairyMax 18% has been formulated to provide that step above the ever popular Superflo 18% nut in terms of digestible energy content and a slightly higher UFL value.

Following our motto of “only mixing with the best” the ingredients of DairyMax18% are Maize, Wheatfeed, Rapeseed,  Hipro Soya, Barley, Distillers, Beetpulp, Soya Hulls, Palm, Calcined Magnesite and a high quality Mineral pack.

Given the tough winter that many cows have had we are asking her to perform three huge energy requiring tasks that we must provide the fuel for in terms of Animal Nutrition. We want our cows to:

  1. Carry a calf to full term and calve down a healthy, valuable calf.
  2. Get back into the parlour after calving as soon as possible
  3. Get her body in a condition to go back in calf easily and fast to keep a compact calving pattern.

We have formulated DairyMax 18% with a PDIE level of 130grms per kilo. This is a very high level of digestible energy that will provide the fuel for a cow to survive and thrive over the next few months.

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