Farm Safety First Aid kits

As part of our constant strive towards better farm safety we can know offer a farm safety first aid kit and 2 kg fire extinguisher in our Stores in Crecora, Castlemahon and Listowel.

We have worked with our First Aid supplier to tailor a Farm First Aid kit specifically to the requirements of modern farm life. Given that most of these kits will be stored in the farm kitchen there are extra plasters and domestic bandages specially to deal with the inevitable burns cuts and grazes that are part and parcel of growing up on a farm.

A lot of farmers don’t think about first aid until they get a cut or burn and require a first aid kit fast. It is usually only when there is outside labour working on the farm that a first aid kit is even thought of!

These great value kits will allow a comprehensive first aid kit to be on hand when ever it is needed.

We have negotiated a special price of 60 euro for the full kit including a 2kg fire extinguisher and we hope that we are doing an extra bit to help improve Farm Safety.

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