Smart calver solution for the dry cow season

Here at Crecora Mills we pride ourselves on solving and preventing problems for our customers before they happen.

With this in mind we have formulated our new Smartcalver feed. Available in both a ration and nut form we believe it can help to provide the nutrition necessary for our valuable cows to calve down a healthy calf and get back into healthy and profitable production as fast as possible thereby saving you money and time.

Smartcalver is an 18% protein energy dense feed to take account of a cows reduced feed intake in the last months of gestation. As her calf grows in her womb over these last few months her rumen shrinks and she cannot eat a large volume of feed.

If she cannot take in adequate energy in this period she can often lack the energy to go through the calving process safely. A weak cow at calving will have difficulty standing, lack energy to push, and can leave herself open to infection through a lower immune system.

This reduced intake also means she may not take in the required nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to look after her health and that of her calf.

Many people think that feeding a cow in late gestation will lead to big calves. However the accepted scientific logic has proven that genetics determines the size of the calf, and feeding the cow will have little or no effect on calf size. What it will affect is the ability of a cow to have the energy to go through a difficult calving if you have bred to a difficult bull. If she is hungry and weak and been starved for the weeks coming up to calving you will be putting her under serious pressure to calf safely.

Smartcalver is 18% protein using high quality sources of protein. Mainly Hi Pro Soya and smaller amounts of Distillers and Rapeseed.

Smartcalver feed is very energy dense, so she does not have to eat much of it (as little as 2kgs)

Smartcalver contains all the necessary pre-calver minerals and vitamins to help the cow in late gestation and in the calving process.

Smartcalver is a convenient way to ensure that each cow is getting the required amount of nutrients rather than molasses licks where one cow may consume far more than the rest.

Smartcalver is made of all quality ingredients such as Barley, Maize, Hi Pro Soya, Oats, and Soya Hulls.

Smartcalver is available in both nut and ration form

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