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Our philosophy in formulating and manufacturing dairy feeds for the last 30 years has been to provide the best quality product at the best value price to our customers. We believe in using high levels of high energy cereals in the form of Barley and Maize to fuel efficient milk production in the cow. Thankfully our customers appreciate our efforts to make the best value feed for them and our business has grown as a result.

Dairy Product Overview

All our products contain 40% high energy cereals in the form of Maize and Barley. These have proven over the years to be the most cost efficient way of feeding the high energy demand that a cow has to produce milk solids. To balance our feeds we use highly digestible fibre products such as Soya hulls and Beetpulp. These products provide the necessary high quality fibre to slow down the breakdown of feed in the rumen and allow for a slow release of energy.

We use high quality protein sources such as HiPro Soya meal, Distillers Dried Grains and Rapeseed extract to provide high levels of high energy protein to help fuel Milk Solid production.

We use high quality minerals formulated to meet the demands of the cow at different times of the year to ensure as balanced a mineral intake as possible. All our Dairy Feeds contain magnesium to power the millions of chemical reactions in the cow to breakdown fodder to microbial proteins that the cow needs for milk production and good health along with preventing grass tetany.

Delivery of our Dairy Products is achieved using our own fleet of Bulk delivery trucks. These trucks are maintained to the highest standard to ensure reliability of delivery to our customers. We ask for at least a working days notice for Bulk delivery.

Pasture Dairy14% Nut

Pasture dairy nut is designed as a good value addition to grazing high protein grass. It is formulated using mainly Barley Soya hulls Maize and Beetpulp.

Using high quality digestible fibre sources such as Soya Hulls and Beetpulp helps the cow digest leafy high protein grass with a low fibre content. By providing this fibre we ensure she has the optimum chance to efficiently process the high quality cereals such as Barley and Maize in the feed and utilize the minerals vitamins and cal mag.

Superflo Dairy 16% nut and ration

This is an ever popular great value product. With high cereal content it is formulated to supply the energy and fibre requirements for dairy cattle to complement good silage or grass. We use at least 25% barley in this mix and it is formulated to provide high energy and digestible fibre to aid efficient Milk production. The first four ingredients of Superflo Dairy16 Nut are Barley, Soya Hulls, Maize Gluten and Maize. This is a great value high quality Dairy nut.

Superflo Dairy 18% Feed

These are available in both nut and ration forms and are geared for high performing cows that depend on a good quality feed to provide energy and fibre to maintain milk yield. It is formulated using at least 25% Barley and high quality raw materials that are designed to be easily digested in the Rumen and also later in the small intestine to give maximum benefit for a longer period. The first four ingredients are Barley, Wheat Gluten, Beetpulp, Distillers.

This is usually fed where farmer have an increased demand for protein in the diet due to feeding small quantities of maize silage or when they wish to push milk yield and cows are in good body condition.


Dairy MaxGrass (plus fertility)

This 16% protein product has been specially formulated using our experience from last years very successful Dairy Maize to Graze nut. And trials on some local farms.

The first five ingredients are 30% Maize, Beetpulp, Soya Hulls Barley and Distillers. It also contains a Rumen Buffer agent, Active yeast and our special and very successful fertility mineral pack.

This feed is specifically targeted for cows making the transition from silage to grass and into the grazing season. The Buffering agent and the yeast will help the cow’s rumen to stabilize during a very difficult time while she changes from 6 months silage, to grass. When we get into very leafy second rotation grass this feed will help to stabilize her rumen to help offset acidosis from this very leafy turbocharged grass.

We are also including a fertility mineral pack in this feed during the breeding season to help get the breeding process started. Our customers experience with this has been very positive from the last few years with more compact calving, higher conception rates and less empty cows. Please indicate if you wish the fertility pack when ordering and allow an extra day manufacture time.


DairyMax 18% nut

DairyMax 18% has been formulated to provide that step above the ever popular Superflo 18% nut in terms of digestible energy content and a high UFL value.

Following our motto of “only mixing with the best” the top three ingredients of DairyMax18% include Maize, Barley and HiPro Soya meal. It also includes a Rumen buffer and active yeast to increase food conversion efficiency even further. We also use Megalac in this feed to help boost the ability of the cow to produce milk solids even further by providing this energy dense product in the feed.

Using this formulation our customers have found they can stimulate milk production and milk solid production and still hold body condition on the cows with the high level of quality feed materials such as maize barley and beet pulp.

This has become a very popular option for Winter milking herds and herds looking to achieve high milk solid yields on silage.

We have formulated DairyMax 18% with a very high PDIE level. This is a very high level of digestible energy that will provide the fuel for a cow for efficient balanced milk production. The best salespeople for this feed are our customers who have developed a fierce loyalty to DairyMax18% since it became available after trials in 2013.

DairyExcel nut 20%

Available in both a nut and a ration form DairyExcel 20 is a very high performing feed full of high energy high protein no compromise raw materials. With a PDIE level of 135grms per kilo it really stands head and shoulders above the competition. While it is mainly used in winter milking herds it also can be fed to supplement maize silage diets where protein is lacking.

Using our expertise we have formulated this feed for those very high performing dairy cows that will really benefit from a top class high protein feed. With high maize (20%) and also a high cereal content to provide energy and using high quality raw materials such as Toasted Soya meal, Rapeseed and Distillers grains the DairyExcel 20 can give any high performing cow a great opportunity to maintain high yields and remain in good body condition and health.

We also include a Rumen Buffer and yeast to further increase food conversion efficiency to make sure our customers get the best value from this feed.

Our commitment to our customers

We are also available to help any of our customers in terms of Diet formulation, Animal Health questions or just a consultation on how we can help our customer’s profits. We don’t believe in just selling feed but rather looking after our customers bottom line profit so our customers will stay with us in the future. This philosophy has grown our business from a farm based operation in 1986 supplying our local farmers to running three successful sites in Crecora, Castlemahon and Listowel while still being able to treat our customers on a one to one basis. We are here to help.

Keep an eye on for regular updates on Animal Nutrition and advice on how to maximise your on farm profits.

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