Dairy MaxGrass fertility Nut

This product has been specially formulated using our experience from last years very successful Dairy Maize to
Graze nut.

The first five ingredients are 30% Maize, Beetpulp, Soya Hulls
Barley and HiPro Soya. It also contains a Rumen Buffer agent, Active yeast and
our special and very successful fertility mineral pack.

This feed is specifically targeted for cows making the transition from silage to grass and
into the grazing season. The Buffering agent and the yeast will help the cow’s
rumen to stabilize during a very difficult time while she changes from 6 months
silage, to grass. And when we get into very leafy second rotation grass this
feed will help to stabilize her rumen to help offset acidosis from this very
leafy turbocharged grass.

We are also including a fertility mineral pack in this feed to help get the breeding
process started. Our customers experience with this has been very positive from
the last few years with more compact calving, higher conception rates and less
empty cows.

Call us on 061 355186 or your local sales representative for prices and more details.

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