“You reap what you sow”

After a very challenging harvest in 2012 following the difficult weather conditions we are all hoping that 2013 will be a lucky year for all Irish Farmers.

Taking advantage of the dry frosty spell of weather we at John O’Connells have been very busy getting land ready for Spring Barley and Oats.

While the ploughing was completed for the most part in January with a Sanderum 6 furrow semi -mounted plough, the soil reflected the difficult summer and harvesting conditions. Thankfully the frosty weather has helped soften and break up the ploughed ground quite substantially.

Following the first spell picking stones from the ploughed ground the ground was then tilled with a Kuhn power harrow twice and the stones picked again.

We then set the seed using a kongskilde cultivater and seed drill. This does a lovely job of levelling the tilled ground and packing the seed bed.

Heres hoping that we get good growing conditions for a great harvest in 2013!

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