Fodder Solution update

It has been well documented in the past few months that the quality of silage is well back on average through out the country.  One of the main issues appears to be the low levels of protein.  Now is the time to compensate for lack of protein in silage, with a high protein concentrate and not to be looking back next February or March wondering what went wrong.

Here at O’Connell feeds we have a number of specialized products to over come this problem.

Stock-Gro Ration/Nut     
This is an 18% protein ration or nut, which is also a very high energy product, and has proved to be an excellent feed for weanlings or incalf heifers in order to maximize growth.

Silage Enhancer
This is a 19% protein ration, especially formulated this winter as an excellent value high protein feed to help compensate for the lack of quality in silage.  This product is especially suitable for in-calf, dry cows in order to maintain or improve body-score.

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