Coccidiosis and the Crecora Mills solution

Coccidiosis is a major problem for our farmers and up to know the only solution has been to buy very expensive medicated feed to try to stay ahead of the problem. For years we have been looking for a solution to this problem and now thanks to our mineral suppliers we have a proven viable and natural solution to a lot of the health issues facing calves. The name of the product is PULMO CX


PULMO CX is to be used for ruminants as a sensory additive for the managment of critical phases related to the presence of pulmonary disorders and risks linked to the presence of coccidia in rearing.

Ingredients : plant extracts, incorporation in the calf feed.

Recommendations for use : for calves, sheep.

Daily dosage feed Pulmo Cx Calf Starter or Pulmo Calf Max nuts at 2kilos per 100 kilos bodyweight.

The advantages:

  • Immune stimulation of the production of B lymphocytes stimulates the secretion activity of the lungs.

The evidence is that in 5 days, the rate of B lymphocytes which produce IgA antibodies is doubled. The IgA antibodies inhibit the adhesion of infectious agents on the mucosal epithelium. The cineol acts directly on pasteurella hemolytica and increases secretion activity.

  • It controls the Coccidia populations

the essential oils oxidise coccidia cell walls. The plants work by improving nutrient assimilation. The excretion of coccidia oocysts is reduced by more than 95% at day 45+ (Mage 2001,sheep). The fattening period is reduced by 23 days. The comparison of a chemical and a phytotherapeutic anticoccidian show the same results : 97 and 98 %(Alpes 2001). The Average Daily Gain with PULMO CX is much better (trials conducted / lambs calves – dairy heifer)

  • high reduction of the number of parasites
  • the end of blood spotted diarrhoea
  • improvement of ingestion
  • improvement of the consumption rate (feed efficiency)
  • improvement of the animal’s ADG
  • decrease of the fattening period
  • less need to resort to veterinary treatments
  • no prescription needed
  • net financial gain
  • no change in the taste of the meat.

These are all great reasons why we have chosen to use this product as backed up by a lot of reasearch in Europe and further afield. We feel it will be the perfect marraige between our unbeatable Calf Max and Calf Start Nuts and Pulmo Cx.

Contact us in Crecora for more information on 061 355186 or talk to your local sales representative or supplier.

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